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Newsletter - July 21, 2008

Welcome to the summer edition of the Newsletter.

Newsletter Changes:
Every week, we will be sending out a new issue of the Newsletter, which will be emailed to you continuing the latest relationship and online dating tips, advice, and news. It is our goal to present ideas that will help build better relationships and concepts for improving your online dating experience.

Membership Access Changes:
We’re happy to announce that starting Monday July 21, 2008 we will be giving membership access away for free and discontinuing our pre-existing membership fees for communication access. What does this mean to you? Simply, you can now use all of our online membership features absolutely free, with no hidden charges of any kind.

Thoughtfulness Builds Relationships
When I first got into online dating several years ago, I met a gal (we'll call her "Stacy") who had mastered the art of being genuinely thoughtful. I remember that early on in our relationship I was planning a long drive from Nebraska to Arkansas to visit my aging grandmother. Stacy knew I was doing the trip alone, so she set out to make the journey a fun one. How?

The day I left, Stacy presented me with six wrapped gifts and a note of "instructions". She had invented a travel game where she calculated that during my trip I would have to fill up my gas tank six times. Each time I stopped at a gas station, I was to open one of the gifts she had given me. Each gift somehow related to our relationship and there was a self-addressed stamped postcard in each gift with a kind note and a question. At each stop I was to answer the question (about our relationship) she asked on the postcard and mail the postcard to her. For each question I got right, I got to keep the gift I was given.

This one thoughtful game made that road trip the best one I had ever had in my life. There was the continual anticipation of what would be next and my entire trip (all 16 hours there and 16 hours back) was spent thinking about her and what an amazing person she was.

Being thoughtful moves relationships to new levels and makes experiences unforgettable. It's something every couple should have the pleasure of experiencing.

Best wishes for dating and relationship success,
Darby Hess
Member Coordinator

Posted on 21 Jul 2008
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