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Newsletter - August 2, 2008
Getting Out of the Online Dating Rut

Online dating is both a frustrating and rewarding experience. On one hand it opens up opportunities to meet amazing new people. But at other times you may feel like you're in a "rut", unable to meet the type of people you're looking for or getting few responses to your inquiries. Luckily, there are many solutions to this problem.
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DOMA Magazine Now Online
We are happy to announce the release of our brand new online magazine resource called Magazine. Magazine is produced by editors and journalists dedicated to delivering accurate, trusted, up-to-date health, dating, and relationship information, for consumers. We focus on problem-solving content to help you make self improvement decisions. Our magazine content is written in plain English, using real-life examples and is distributed to you through our online dating network.

You can view our online magazine through your web browser at
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Newsletter - July 27, 2008
The concept of shared visions is rather simple - as a couple you set joint goals and dreams that you strive for on a regular basis. As you complete goals and dreams you set new ones so that, as a couple, you are always progressing together towards a goal.
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Newsletter - July 21, 2008
Newsletter Changes:
Every week, we will be sending out a new issue of the Newsletter, which will be emailed to you continuing the latest relationship and online dating tips, advice, and news. It is our goal to present ideas that will help build better relationships and concepts for improving your online dating experience.
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