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Spice Up Your Sex Life
People think they are unnatural.
Anthropologists have found sex toys made from stone which date back to as early as 500 B.C., and Chinese men developed them out of ivory back in the 1600s. Even the early Kama Sutra, which dates back to 300 A.D., made mention of a male extender made out of wood and leather. Enjoyment of sex toys is by no means an unnatural modern invention -- it has almost always been a healthy part of the human sexual experience!

People think they replace partnership.
Sex toys can not replace the intimacy that is created between a loving and passionate couple, but nor do they have to be just a single gal's best friend. Many sex toys can be used during foreplay or even intercourse to increase both partners' enjoyment of the act. Some men do fear that their skills might pale in comparison to a battery-operated toy which never tires -- but, don't worry, vibrators can never replace the touch and strokes of a loving partner. (No matter how great the toy is!)

For beginners, the world of sex toys and erotica might be intimidating. With so many options to choose from, how do you know which is right for you?

Go for the hot spots.
The best sex toys for beginners focus on the hot spots, such as the clitoris. The Berman Center Intimate Accessories line offers the Aphrodite, a rechargeable massager which can be used to stimulate the clitoris and vulva. It also comes with three interchangeable silicone sleeves to vary the stimulation. This type of basic massager is good for beginners, since it helps them to experiment with what type of stimulation they prefer.

Try it with a partner.
Only 30% of women achieve orgasm from intercourse, and the rest generally need clitoral stimulation to help them reach gratification with a partner. If you want to reach orgasm with your partner, a clitoral stimulator, such as the Berman Center's Aurora, can be placed between you and your partner during intercourse. You can control the vibrations via remote control, or your partner can join in on the fun!

Spice it up.
Sex toys are meant to be fun in every sense of the word. Bring a little fun back into the bedroom with a little role play. The Berman Center's Mistress Kit comes with furry handcuffs, a tickling wand, and a purple blindfold which can help you and your partner get in touch with your wild side. Or try the Astrea, a pair of panties which comes with a hidden vibrator. Your partner can control it via remote control from up to 12 feet away -- so he can pleasure you from the other side of the room!

Whatever your inner fantasies might be, sex toys can help you get back in touch with all the pleasure and fun that sex has to offer!

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Posted on 25 Mar 2008
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