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Member Name: silentsentinel256
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Caucasian / White, 32, Single - Never Married
Omaha, Nebraska United States

Personal Details
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Race: Caucasian / White
Marital Status: Single - Never Married
Children: 0
Religion: Christian / Other
Drinking: Gave it up
Smoking: Daily
Food: American
Occupation: Construction / Labor
Education: Some college
Languages: English (Fluent)
Interests: Politics
Music - Rock
Music - Dance / Electronic
Music - Country
Music - Alternative
Movies / Cinema
Martial Arts
Literature / History
Ice / Snow Sports
Computers / Internet
Astrology / New Age
Travel / Sightseeing
Eye Colour: Green
Hair Colour: Light Brown
Body Type: Athletic / Fit
Height: 5'11" - (180 cm)

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General Information
I'm a night-owl, a worker, and a computer guru. I prefer the term "guru" because "geek" just
doesn't quite cover how much I know computers inside and out - and most of my vocational and
educational goals are centered around computers. I've got an outdoorsy side to me as well - I love
fishing, hunting, and hiking. I'm the type that will spend a whole day climbing a mountain just to
get the view from the top, a whole week locating the perfect spot for fishing. I used to be heavily
involved in martial arts - specifically Ju-Jitsu and Aikido, but lately I've been focusing more on
cultivating a peaceful outlook on things versus learning violence. My intelligence is probably my
best personality asset, followed up by my vast array of both positive and negative experiences in
life. In the oh-so-popular Myers-Briggs Personality types, I am an INTP with better-than-average
emotional development. I believe in Jesus Christ, I'm a registered Independent with a strong
tendency to vote Republican, I value hard work, honesty, sacrifice, independence, and commitment.
I've had more than my share of tough times in life, and I am a recovering alcoholic with over seven
months without a drink. I do enjoy 420, but it's not something I want to do all the time. Right
now I'm working construction, saving up enough money to get back to school, where I plan on studying
computer science. I'm a very accepting, kind person by nature, but I'm also protective of people I
love and care about. I love debating pretty much any topic with people, even if I don't know much
about the subject matter. Debate, to me, is one of my favorite ways to learn about something (the
other being reading stuff on the computer). Conversation is something I'm also huge on - I can (and
frequently do) spend hours talking with people whether it be in person, on the phone, or over
instant messengers. I'm a bit aversive to text messaging. There are almost no topics in
conversation that I habitually avoid, so if you bring up a topic, I'm almost always willing to
discuss it! I've been described as an off-beat comedian, quick to deliver a punchline whether it's
classy or so dumb Beavis and Butt-head would be the target audience. I'm also a huge cat person,
and I'm prone to completely losing all modicum of dignity and laying down on the ground to give cats
love and attention. I've been told by many people that they're surprised at how well their "mean"
kitties react to me. (Dogs seem to like me just as much). I'm also a huge music fan - pretty much
the only kinds of music I don't like are rap/hip-hop. Metal and classic rock are by far my favorite
genres, followed closely by progressive rock and the "chill-o-sphere" of downtempo dubstep and
trance. I'm also a huge movie watcher - both at theatres, and at home. I have literally hundreds
of movies and could probably quote the entire script of some of them verbatim as they play. I don't
feel right if I don't hit a movie theatre at least once a week. My tastes in terms of cinema are
nearly universal but I like thrillers and comedies best. I do enjoy video games, but I don't play
them nearly as often as I did when I was a kid.
I'm just between 5'11 and 6'0 and weigh in at 175 lbs. I have a tendency to keep my hair long and
loose, and I usually keep my facial hair in a goatee or fu-manchu style (every now and then I'll go
for a full beard). My eyes periodically change colors, varying between hazel and a deep olive
green. I've been working on building muscle mass and have a very "mesomorphic" build. My clothing
style is usually pretty simple, focused around function and comfort over flashyness and "style" - I
like blacks, greys, and blues in particular. Even in the summer, I usually wear long pants. I
don't claim a particular style of clothing or looks - I like to dress for comfort and minimalism. I
tend to chain-smoke cigarettes.

Looking for
I'm looking for a long-term relationship with an emphasis on commitment. The whole "hooking up" and
"friends with benefits" thing doesn't appeal to me at all and I like things to progress at a natural
but cautious pace. I'm looking for a lady with intelligence and conversation skills, someone who
appreciates calm and peace and can at least put up with me periodically talking about expert-level
computer subjects. I have a preference for women who are petite and take care of themselves
physically and I'm not a big fan of excessive makeup - I find that it detracts from real beauty. I
don't like game-playing or dishonesty; forthright communication is really important to me. I'm
looking for a woman who is career-oriented or at least on that path with her education, someone who
is independent, intelligent, and cares about her future in all areas. I'm not looking for a party
animal or huge social butterfly; lots of drinking and drugs are also a big turnoff for me (I don't
mind marijuana or cigarettes though). In terms of politics, any further left than centrist is a
huge turnoff.
Gender: Female
Age From: 19
Age To: 29

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