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Member Name: ta2edredhead
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Caucasian / White, 47, Separated
Omaha, Nebraska United States

Personal Details
Gender: Female
Age: 47
Race: Caucasian / White
Marital Status: Separated
Children: 2
Religion: Agnostic
Drinking: Socially
Smoking: Never
Food: Mexican
Occupation: Legal Services
Education: Some college
Languages: English (Fluent)
Interests: Arts / Crafts
Billiards / Pool / Darts
Boxing / Wrestling
Cars / Motorcycles
Computers / Internet
Food and Wine
Hiking / Camping
Motor Racing
Movies / Cinema
Museums / Galleries
Music - Alternative
Music - Blues/Jazz
Music - Classical / Opera
Music - Country
Music - Dance / Electronic
Music - New Age
Music - Pop / R&B
Music - Rock
Nightclubs / Clubs
Sailing / Boating
Travel / Sightseeing
Volunteer / Charity
Yoga / Meditation
Eye Colour: Grey
Hair Colour: Auburn / Red
Body Type: Average
Height: 5'05" - (165 cm)

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General Information
There are times when I become Betty Homemaker. I love to cook and bake, and Iím pretty good at it,
too, from what Iíve been told. No oneís got sick yet from my cooking! I also crochet, and dabble in
some sewing. I guess I can be creative when I want to be. When Iím not being a domestic goddess, you
can find me playing pool/darts, bowling (a not so good league bowler. Iím usually there for the beer
anyhow), camping, playing in the dirt (gardening), singing completely off key in my car, watching
movies, napping, taking walks, chasing ducks, trying to swing a golf club, taking a bubble bath,
camping, hiking, etc. Iím curious by nature, and want to know everything about everything, so Iím
not shy about trying new things. I want to try paintball. I also want to fly in an F-16. Not so keen
on the idea of bungee jumping, but jumping out of an airplane gives me happy chills. Cross country
trip on a Harley? Yes, please! I love all kinds of music. Country, classical, rap, rock, metal,
reggae, and so on. NIN has had the pleasure of me being at many of their concerts, as has Yanni,
Metallica, Disturbed, etc. I LOVE Josh Turner, Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Ween, Radiohead, Iggy
Pop, Wheezer, STP, ICPÖthe list really is long. I love singing to songs I donít know the words to,
by making up my own words. Why not? It can be amusing. TV? I donít watch it a whole lot, but when
I do, I like Discovery, History, SyFy, Travel channels, etc. I was an avid Chuck and Heroes fan. I
also got into Greys Anatomy, ER, Lost. But I'm in love with Ghost Hunters, and anything paranormal.
I'm actually a certified paranormal investigator. Im more of a movie person, owning over 200 DVD's
of all genres.
Iím not a girly girl. I can be if need be, but Iím more of Ė well, someone just described me as ďa
classy designer biker leather custom do me hard rock channel kinda girlĒ. :) I've grown up near
bikers and military, so I have a potty mouth, and sometimes burp after drinking a beer. I'm trying
to work on that :) During work, I dress sophisticated. I make sure I add class to the office. I LOVE
heels, but my feet hate them. I have long red hair that is completely its own person. My hair does
not do elegant or sophisticated. My hair only does, tramp, 80's hair band, homeless and, of course,
bedhead. I'm going with 80's hair band today! I specialize in tripping over my own feet, falling out
of chairs, and running into things. I cant remember names very well, but can remember numbers,
addresses and what I had for dinner 2 years ago. My eyes are grey, but turn green with
anger/sadness. No, Iím not the Hulk. I may be incredible in my own way, but I donít turn into a big
green monster. :D I am 5í5Ē tall and weigh ___ (you can take a guess. It has three digits and the
first one start with a 1) I think I have a decent body for someone my age. I have 9 tattoos. The
largest one covers my entire back. I also have some (tasteful) piercings. No horns coming out of my
head (yet) and not dog collars around my neck. Iím not that kind of girl. :D

Looking for
It may sound like I have a wonderful life, and in many ways I do, but even with all of this, Iím
lonely. I'm not so much looking to find that person to marry, but to find companionship. I am a
very, very, very giving person. I like to make sure that who Iím with knows I think they are
special, by doing little things, like cards, notes, touches. I'm a hand-on person, so I do like
holding hands, snuggling, kissing, caressing. I think those things are a vital part of a
relationship. I am also (as if you cant tell) very communicative. I donít like to hold things in,
and I would love the same from whomever Iím with.
Gender: Male
Age From: 30
Age To: 45

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